Lab Notes #10- November 23, 2018-Collaboration of games- Identifying Fake news

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Smartphone gives everyone the chance to be reports, therefore we must becareful when accessing news on the internet. Today’s lab includes a brief outline on features of fakes news and also how media focus on less important aspects of society. for example, lifestyles of celebrity Justin Bieder and how he eats a borritor. which is consider to be bad news. the class also part take in a series of games that illustrate how you can get more following through promoting bad news. A lesson plan can be a literture or social studies class on fostering awareness of the fake news. student will learn what and what not to do wwith fake news, how to identify it and providing solutions and awarness. and also for the other games a lesson plan forgeography and political and ethics lesson, to show means by which refugees can travel to escape political and social turmoil in their country. and also student can learn about goegraphical regions and their value systems


Academic Resources #21- Teaching in Diverse school

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Canada promotes multiculturalism and therefore, a teacher must consider that a school can be structure as a small archiologo, a train of island or countries. In a classroom we have students from many different region whose norms, values and beliefs are different. Something that is not consider rude within a Canadian culture might be consider rule in another culture. Therefore, it is important to consider diversity in classroom. This is a PDF document from Yale university research, teaching undergradutes diversity. This pdf will help us understand attitudes within student diversity and the education system.

Academic Resource#20- Ontario Teacher’s Fedaration (OTF)

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For those student who wish to teach in the province of Ontario, this is a useful website to research the criterions of teaching in Ontario. I found this website usful for information on special education and working with maladaptive children.The website provide “effective strategies and resources for teaching students with special needs in Ontario’s elementary and secondary schools” which is especially resourceful to need the needs of your student education outcome.

Academic resource #19- Website Strategies and tools to teach.

Hello all, is a online education program that promotes “Making a difference”. This website teaches ” pedagogy, methodology, and technique to provide student with a comprehensive knowledge of teaching”. It is important to education because part of the competencies is have a comprehensive knowlegde of your subject area.

Academic Resource #18-Student’s Motivation : A Teacher’s Role

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The academic research done by Leena Shrivastava shows the effects of lack of motivation for student and provides strategies that is effective to motivation student to learn. The article also provides an analysis of the teachers role in motivating student to learn. This is especially important to education because part of the competencies of a teachers is to ensure that students are provided with the necessary tools in terms of subject area to help student to learn.

Academic Resource#17-Motivation and Relationship of the Student with the School as Factors Involved in the Perceived Learning

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One of the most importance aspect of education is student motivation. There are many factors that affects student motivation to learn.Manuela Ferreira, Ana Paula Cardosob, and José Luís Abrantesc researches the relationship between student and motivation and the role of the school. it is important in education to understand the effects of motivation on learning and how school can better assist student to promote education for all.

Academic Resource #16 – Podcast Education by Melisa Edwards & Melanie- Making education inclusive and fun for all

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This is my final media project done in collaboration with miss Melanie. This is a podcast that I am very proud of even if there is room for improvements. Podcast education is important to education because it provides awareness of education issues and gives strategies to make education better. The project activity is script writing which was later transformed into a mobile phone podcast recording. The target audience is everyone especially those working in the education systems, educators, parents, teachers, and student. The purpose of the podcast is to understand the needs of the student, to show the perspectives of student and teacher of the education system and most importantly to provide educators with strategies that are helpful to make learning experience more fun and challenging at the same time while promoting success for all student. The project is based on questionnaire about student learning experiences and a teacher will also give us strategies of how to motivate a student to learn. The cast are consisting of two individuals who will act as both a student and teacher.